Construction Accident Leaves Worker A Double Amputee

Workplace Accidents . John Whitfield

It’s easy to forget how dangerous the construction industry is. Buildings are constantly going up all around us and construction sites are common fixtures in cities all across the country. But the ubiquitous nature of construction zones does not speak to the danger workers face. A devastating reminder of the


Tennessee Not Keeping Up With Highway Safety Laws

Car Accidents . John Whitfield

Every day, millions of Tennesseans get behind the wheel of car, hop on a metro bus, or take a rideshare in an Uber or Lyft. We get on the roads so often we forget just how dangerous they can be. According to a new study from various advocacy groups, Tennessee


Head On Truck Accident Reminds Drivers Of The Dangers Of Big Rigs

Truck Accidents . John Whitfield

Large trucks are extremely dangerous. Not only are they large in size, but they can also weigh up to 80,000 pounds. Despite this, it’s easy for drivers to forget the dangers because we share the roads with 18-wheelers every day. However, a recent fatal truck accident served as a reminder


Keep Your Windshields Clear Of Ice

Car Accidents . John Whitfield

Most of the country has been bracing for cold weather in recent weeks and Tennessee is no exception. With snow and ice falling in and around Nashville, it’s important anyone getting behind the wheel knows the dangers of driving during winter conditions. Driving safely isn’t just important to prevent accidents,


Tennessee Highway Patrol Has Big Plans For Grant Funding

Car Accidents . John Whitfield

There’s some big news for the state of Tennessee: the roads are about to get a little bit safer. This is all thanks to a large grant recently awarded to the Tennessee Highway Patrol from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration totaling over $800,000. The Tennessee Highway Patrol has big


Tennessee Move Over Laws

Car Accidents . John Whitfield

You’re driving down the road and all of the sudden you hear the distinctive and wailing sound of sirens. You might first be worried that you are being pulled over by police. You breathe a sigh of relief once you realize you’re not being pulled over, but what do you


Electric Scooters Could Cause Rise In Accidents

Car Accidents . John Whitfield

Nashville residents may have noticed electric scooters around the city. These scooters are offered by companies like Lime, Bird, and Lyft, and operate similar to ridesharing services. The electric scooters are unique in that individual users can unlock the scooters with their smartphones and take the scooters for a ride.


Nursing Homes and Flu Season

Personal Injury . John Whitfield

Most people don’t think much about getting the flu. For healthy individuals, the flu really isn’t a big a deal. While it might not be pleasant, it often doesn’t even warrant a doctor’s visit. For people with compromised immune systems, however, the flu can be life-threatening. People with chronic illnesses,


Types of Premises Liability

Personal Injury . John Whitfield

For many people, a mention of the phrase “premises liability” triggers images of slipping on a wet floor in the grocery store; however, premises liability is a legal theory of liability that covers several types of responsibility on the part of a property owner. Many victims injured on another’s property


Drivers Unaware Of The Limitations Of Safety Features

Car Accidents . John Whitfield

The automotive industry has taken great strides to manufacture cars with impressive and life-saving safety technology. While things like automatic braking and blind spot detection have likely prevented millions of car accidents, even the most advanced motor vehicle safety technology available does not provide complete protection. Auto safety features should

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