Railroad Crossings Not Added To Most Navigation Apps

Car Accidents . John Whitfield

As drivers and passengers alike increasingly rely on digital map websites and navigation apps to get from place to place, the more they assume the information is always accurate. As part of this, we expect to see everything depicted online or on the app in a way that mirrors what


Local Pedestrian Involved Car Crashes

Car Accidents . John Whitfield

Several recent local auto pedestrian crashes have brought renewed media attention to a serious roadway danger: pedestrian involved car crashes. In late July, two Clarksville pedestrian involved car crashes took place, including one in which a drunk driver injured a pedestrian so badly he was LifeFlighted to Vanderbilt. More recently,


Death of Neil Armstrong Caused by Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice . John Whitfield

Heart disease is a leading cause of death in the United States according to the American Heart Association. While that may seem frightening, what’s even scarier is some of these deaths could have been prevented. People around the world know beloved American icon Neil Armstrong by name since he was


Recent Motorcycle Crash Highlights Dangers of Left Turn Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents . John Whitfield

Recently, a 22-year-old riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle collided with a passenger vehicle. The car was attempting to make a left turn out of a gas station, and it turned into the path of the bike traveling down the street. The cyclist hit the rear end of the sedan, causing


The Most Common Birth Injuries

Medical Malpractice . John Whitfield

Most soon-to-be parents eagerly await the birth of their new family members, blissfully unaware of the myriad of things that can go wrong during pregnancy, childbirth, and thereafter. Getting the proper prenatal care can help prevent some issues related to childbirth, but the birthing process itself can be fraught with


Tennessee Supreme Court To Weigh In On State Damages Caps

Personal Injury . John Whitfield

Decades ago, insurance companies and political lobbyists began crying out for help with “tort reform,” making unsubstantiated claims about how consumer trials were ruining our court system and affecting our country negatively. While not all states adjusted their laws to account for these alleged issues, Tennessee did implement damages caps.


When Failure To Stop and Render Aid Causes A Fatality

Car Accidents . John Whitfield

It’s a sad fact of life that some individuals who cause a roadway accident will flee the scene. Hit and runs are extremely common, but despite this, few people realize the legal consequences of leaving the scene of an accident. When a car accident occurs, individuals have certain legal responsibilities;


District Attorney’s Office Considering Charges After Deadly Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Accidents . John Whitfield

The District Attorney’s Office in Davidson County is considering filing charges after a motorcycle accident turned deadly. While law enforcement is still investigating the crash, they believe the driver’s failure to yield to the motorcycle could have been a contributing factor. The devastating accident is an important reminder that it


Truck Driver That Killed 7 Motorcyclist Had A History Of Drunk Driving

Motorcycle Accidents . John Whitfield

The Marine Jarheads MC is a motorcycle club that includes Marines and their spouses. The club members were riding along a beautiful New Hampshire road on the way to a charity event when a reckless driver caused one of the most devastating motorcycle accidents the country has seen in recent


Sneezing Fit Causes Serious Accident

Car Accidents . John Whitfield

Drivers face many dangers on the roadways. Some of these dangers are outside of their control, like other drivers, road conditions, and road hazards. Other dangers can come from much closer to home. This was the case for one Belle Meade man who wrecked his vehicle after he lost control

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