Employee Airlifted To Hospital After Industrial Accident

Workplace Accidents . John Whitfield

Industrial occupations involve some of the most dangerous work, and while some incidents might be considered inevitable, many industrial accidents are preventable. Recently, an employee working at Tennessee-based American Wonder Porcelain suffered severe injuries in a recent industrial accident. The worker had to be extricated from a machine after his


Another Nashville Pedestrian Death Raises Safety Concerns

Car Accidents . John Whitfield

A WeGo bus killed a Nashville pedestrian this past Thursday morning, close to a train bridge underpass in an area with high pedestrian foot traffic. The 54-year-old pedestrian death victim fell from the sidewalk as the bus passed and was crushed under its rear wheels, said police spokesman Don Aaron.


Healthcare Worker Injuries

Workplace Accidents . John Whitfield

According to the Nashville Healthcare Council, the city of Nashville has diverse healthcare companies including leaders in industry niches impacting the healthcare landscape locally, nationally, and internationally. The city is home to more than 500 healthcare companies and nearly 400 professional service firms providing healthcare industry expertise. The healthcare industry is also the region’s


What Is Wrongful Death?

Truck Accidents . John Whitfield

A wrongful death lawsuit is a civil case filed against a person or business responsible for causing someone’s death. Certain individuals are entitled by law to file suit if a close relative’s death was caused by another’s wrongful act. The cause of the death can involve: An Intentional Act Defective Design


Motorcycle Road Hazards To Look Out For

Motorcycle Accidents . John Whitfield

Motorcyclists must be on constant lookout for potential motorcycle road hazards. Dangers that would have little to no effect for motorists or truckers can be potentially fatal for a motorcycle rider. Seemingly minor road hazards, such as oil spills and potholes, can potentially kill a motorcyclist. It is important bikers


Brain Injury Symptoms After a Car Accident

Car Accidents . John Whitfield

Oftentimes, people suffer head trauma such as a brain injury when they are involved in a Nashville car accident. While you might think a relatively minor impact can’t possibly hurt you that much, it doesn’t take a major crash to cause a traumatic brain injury after a car accident. In


Tennessee School Bus Accidents

Car Accidents . John Whitfield

Approximately 23.5 million children ride a bus to school each year, and millions more ride school buses for religious, athletic, and other youth events. Unfortunately, school buses usually do not have seat belts, which will lead to disaster if and when there is a school bus accident. In our own


Tractor-Trailer Hit-and-Run Accident

Truck Accidents . John Whitfield

Every year, large trucks are involved in thousands of accidents across the country, many of them fatal. In some trucking accidents, the truck driver will flee the scene. There are many reasons why a driver who has been involved in an accident may not stop at the scene of the


Tennessee Has Eleven of the Nation’s Underperforming Nursing Homes

Nursing Home Abuse . John Whitfield

The Senate revealed a secret national list of nursing homes facing issues, and it shows 11 of the worst performing nursing homes are located in Tennessee. The list indicates which nursing homes are on the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services list of candidates and those already part of the


Motorcycle Passenger Rights After a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Accidents . John Whitfield

Riding as a passenger on a motorcycle can be dangerous, as the passenger may not know the operator’s driving habits. While most motorcyclists are responsible and careful drivers, in the event of an accident, motorcycle passengers are often the ones injured. And in a case involving passenger injuries, the motorcycle accident is

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