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Accidents can happen to anyone. Each day, unsuspecting people fall victim to injuries caused by the negligence of others. If you or someone you know has been injured or killed in an accident there are going to be costs, questions, and many other obstacles to overcome. Take control of the legal process. The personal injury lawyers at Whitfield, Bryson & Mason can help you recover the compensation you deserve.

Our aggressive trial attorneys represent people injured or killed due to the negligence of other people, and of companies. We can help you understand the options, answer any questions, and help navigate the legal process for filing a personal injury claim. Gain the advantage of representation you can rely on. Our attorneys have decades of experience helping people across the country overcome the unexpected.

Negligent acts can leave lasting consequences. Injuries and death can cause emotional and financial strain on families and loved ones. Whether caused by a neighbor’s carelessness, or through a chain of failures by a major corporation, injuries can lead to major life disruptions. Changes in income, medical expenses, lifestyle adjustments and more can create significant costs. Our attorneys passionately pursue compensation for overcoming an accident caused by negligence, and for moving forward.

The clock for filing a personal injury claim is ticking. In Tennessee, personal injury claims are subject to a statute of limitations. Act today; speak to a lawyer from Whitfield, Bryson & Mason about starting your case. We fight hard on your behalf so you can rest and recuperate. Our attorneys are ready and willing to take cases all the way to trial to help our clients recover the maximum compensation possible. Call our Nashville office today and schedule a complimentary personal injury consultation with an experienced lawyer.

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Nashville Personal Injury Attorneys: Our Practice Areas

Car Accident

Car accidents caused by negligence are responsible for countless injuries and deaths.  Each day, unsuspecting motorists are at risk from drivers violating the law, distracted drivers, and otherwise negligent drivers.  If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a car accident in Tennessee, you may be entitled to compensation.  Following an accident, insurance companies can make a traumatic situation worse.  In many cases, insurance companies will try to coerce victims into settlements.  The Nashville personal injury lawyers at Whitfield, Bryson & Mason will fight for more.  We can help obtain maximum recovery for damages including compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and anguish, and more.  Read more about car accident claims.

Product Liability Cases

Manufacturers have a responsibility to create safe products.  Yet each year, defective and mislabeled products injure and kill people across Tennessee, and the country.  Defective products can cause injury or death through design flaws, material defects, production failures, and much more.  Additionally, products that carry safety risks must be clearly and properly labeled with any applicable warnings.  When manufacturers and distributors fail to ensure consumer safety through appropriate steps in design, manufacturing, and distribution, they may be liable for damages.  We will hold manufacturers and distributors responsible to obtain the compensation you deserve.  Read more about product liability cases.

Workplace injury

Employees have the right to a safe workplace.  An accident in the workplace can leave employees seriously injured or worse.  Workers’ compensation claims often leave employees left shouldering large expenses.  Get the maximum compensation available following a workplace injury by seeking damages from all the parties involved. The Nashville attorneys at Whitfield, Bryson & Mason have over 30 years’ experience helping hard-working people get the compensation they deserve.  In the State of Tennessee, there are time limits for filing a workplace injury claim.  If you have been injured at work, call today and start recovering the damages you’re owed.  Read more about filing a claim for a workplace injury.

Slips, Trips, and Falls

Property owners are responsible for maintaining a safe environment.  If a guest is injured on a private or commercial property, the property owner may be liable for damages.  Slips, trips, and falls can occur from a slick surface, improperly strung electrical cords, inadequate railings and much more.  Injuries at a home or business can be significant.  Following a slip, trip, or fall it may be challenging to approach a neighborhood business, friend, or acquaintance for compensation.  If you have been injured in Nashville or anywhere in Tennessee, we can help.  The law team at Whitfield, Bryson & Mason will hold the right people responsible for the maximum recovery of damages.  Read more about compensation for slips, trips, and falls.

Medical Malpractice

When doctors, hospitals, and other trusted medical professionals make mistakes, the results for their patients can be severe.  Medical malpractice occurs all-too-often causing illness, injury, and in some cases – death.  Victims of medical malpractice may feel betrayed by their doctor and hospital or feel unsure of where to turn.  Hospitals and medical institutions can be intimidating to face alone.  We fight for the victims of medical malpractice in the State of Tennessee.  At Whitfield, Bryson & Mason of Nashville, we will hold all parties responsible for medical malpractice damages injuries to get the maximum compensation available.  Read more about recovering damages for medical malpractice.

Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse is the dark underbelly of elderly care.  Oftentimes, nursing homes are trusted to care for those unable to care for themselves.  In some cases, these facilities and the staff within them abuse, mistreat, neglect, or otherwise abuse the elderly.  Elderly abuse is illegal in the State of Tennessee.  If you or someone you know is suffering nursing home abuse, the lawyers at Whitfield, Bryson & Mason will stop abusers in their tracks.  We will uncover and hold all negligent parties involved accountable.  The elderly deserve our respect, and they deserve adequate, appropriate nursing home care. Read more about pursuing a case of nursing home abuse.


At Whitfield, Bryson & Mason of Nashville, we have over 30 years’ combined experience helping victims of negligent people and businesses. Negligent acts can have lasting consequences for the injured and their loved ones. If you have, or someone you know has been a victim of negligence in Tennessee, call our experienced personal injury attorneys. We have a proven track record helping victims recover maximum compensation. In over 30 cases our lawyers have won settlements or judgments exceeding $1 million. Call the personal injury lawyers at Whitfield, Bryson & Mason today for a free consultation.

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